Disclaimer:Bitrise Audits conducts security assessments on the provided source code exclusively. Conduct your own due diligence before deciding to use any info listed at this page.



Bitrise Audits was commissioned by LevelUP Game to perform an audit of smart contracts: 

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Audit Type: Security audit

The purpose of the audit was to check the following

  • Manual code review
  • Website overview
  • Contract functions check
  • Rugproof-analysis
  • Owner privileges
  • Liquidity lock check


 Manual code review - Passed

Integer Underflow

 Integer Overflow

 Correct Token Standards Implementation

 Timestamp Dependency for Randomness

 Unexposed Private Transfer Function

 Transaction-Ordering Dependency


The contract code is verified on BSCScan. Common vulnerabilities were not found in the token’s Smart Contract as shown above.


Website overview - Passed


Desktop view - Tested & Verfied

Mobile view - Tested & Verified


 Mobile Friendly   No JavaScript Errors   Spell Check   SSL Certificate


Contract functions check - Passed

setmaxtxpercent, setfees,


Rug-proof analysis - Passed

Risk factor : Low


Owner privileges - Passed 

In the period when the ownership is not renounced

  • Owner can set fees
  • Owner can set max transaction limit



Bitrise Audit Note: Please check the disclaimer above and note, the audit makes no statements or warranties on business model, investment attractiveness or code sustainability. The report is provided for the only contract mentioned in the report and does not include any other potential contracts deployed by project owner