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Bitgert is a crypto engineering organization that has built a super-fast blockchain, which has +100k TPS and has zero cost gas fee

The Fastest Growing Ecosystem With Projects Spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 & Much More, Bitgert Also Has Developed A BRC20/ERC20/BEP20 Supported Wallet on Android & iOS.


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The Zero-Cost Gas Fee Blockchain

Bitgert Chain is the only blockchain which has managed to build a zero-cost blockchain & gas fee are as low as $0.00000001 per transaction

+100 Million Transactions With Just $1 Worth Of BRISE

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Build on our ecosystem and we help you in scaling up your project with our community support and development team.

A blockchain you need, with the honesty you need

Our validators are located around the globe and cannot be owned by the same organization

Bitgert Wallet

A Crypto Wallet & Gateway to Decentralised Blockchain Apps

  • Ease of Use
    We embed new technologies in our app that were carefully evaluated according to the criteria of cost and ease of use.
  • Transfer Securely
    Our app includes a network protocol which establishes an encrypted tunnel allowing to log in to a computer and making data transfer safe.
  • Greater Diversity
    We created our app with all the necessary functions, which helped improve the control over operations and speed up the data exchange process.

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